Microbus tour limited to 20 passengers

All Nagasaki Bus Window Tour 2hours 20minutes

We’ll show you all of the city of
Nagasakiin 2hours and 20minutes!

See all the tourist sights of Nagasaki from the bus window with our 2-hour and 20-minute All Nagasaki Bus Window Tour. As you travel up and down Nagasaki’s hills and along its narrow streets and cobblestone roads, you can see and experience the real streets of Nagasaki.

Course Detail

Fare (per person) Adults ¥2,800  
Children ¥2,300(3-12 years of age)
Duration 2h 20m Capacity 20 Hours of operation 9:00 a.m.~
1:00 p.m.~

Recommended for people like you!

  • I have an evening ight to catch!
    I have an evening night to catch!
    The afternoon tour is scheduled to end at around 3:20 p.m. If you leave Nagasaki Station at 4:00 p.m. on the Airport Liner, you can be at the airport by 5:00 p.m. Peace of mind even if you are short of time. *Tour end may be delayed depending on trafc conditions.
  • I have international visitors who don’t understand Japanese!
    I have international visitors
    who don’t understand Japanese!
    Audio guides are available in other languages as well as Japanese. Perfect if you have overseas guests whom you want to show around Nagasaki.
  • I want to do all my sightseeing in the morning!
    I want to do all my sightseeing
    in the morning!
    The morning tour is scheduled to end at around 11:20 a.m. In the afternoon, you can re-visit interesting places you saw from the bus window, or maybe even enjoy a bowl of Nagasaki’s specialty dish, Champon noodles for lunch.

See all of these sights in just 2 hours 20 minutes!

  • Mt. Inasa Lookout
    (15 minutes off the bus)
  • Atomic Bomb Hypocenter
  • Peace Park
  • Nyoko-dō
  • Urakami Cathedral
  • One-Legged Torii
  • Suwa Jinja Shrine
  • Megane-bashi
    (15 minutes off the bus)
  • Sōfukuji Temple
  • Dejima

Nagasaki Sta. = (1)Asahi-ōhashi Bridge = (2)Inasa-Goshinji International Cemetery = (3)Mt. Inasa(Rest stops 15min)= (4)Urakami River = (5)Atomic Bomb Hypocenter = (6)Peace Park = (7)Nyoko-dō = (8)Urakami Cathedral = (9)Nagasaki University School of Medicine  = (10)One-Legged Torii = (11)Sakamoto International Cemetery = (12)Suwa Jinja Shrine = (13)Megane-bashi Bridge(Rest stops 15min) = (14)Sōfukuji Temple = (15)Shiambashi Bridge = (16)Kegetsu Historic Site Japanese Restaurant = (17)Chinese settlement = (18)Dejima = (19)Dutch Slope = (20)Confucius Temple = (21)Nagasaki Seaside Park = (22)Twenty-Six Martyrs Museum and Monument = Nagasaki Sta.  

Customer's voice

  • It is easy to get on rainy days and hot days as it is getting off and no sightseeing.

    Female in her 20's

  • Not only sightseeing spots but also the slopes were good.

    Female in her 20's

  • It covers Nagasaki city and sightseeing spots. very good. I think that the driver is very tired because there are many narrow roads and steep slopes. Among them, I got a clear explanation and I was able to know Nagasaki well. Thank you very much.

    Female in her 20's

  • It rained and the weather was bad, but it was fun. Thank you very much.

    Dear Ms. H · M for 40's,

Q & A

  • Q
    Can I use a credit card?
    Yes. available. You can use VISA, MASTERCARD, JCB, AMEX, DINERS, DISCOVER, UnionPay.

Information on reception / gathering place

We will arrange reception at the regular sightseeing bus information center next to the police box at the Nagasaki station premises.※Please gather 15 minutes before departure.

Onoue-machi Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki-shi, 8550-0058 1. TEL:095-856-5700
<<長崎バス観光株式会社>> 〒852-8061 長崎県長崎市滑石4丁目6番33号 TEL:095-856-5700 FAX:095-856-8500